You paid big money for it. Whether you plan to keep it until the wheels fall off or move on in a few years, maintaining your vehicle not only affects its resale value but also how efficiently it performs. Nowadays, if they undergo proper maintenance on schedule, vehicles can last 200,000 miles.

Here are tips to keep your car/truck in tip-top shape:

  • Add Reminders in Outlook or iCal – Don’t rely on a casual glance at the oil change window sticker. Have your smartphone/desktop calendar remind you.
  • Road Salt is brutal – If you are a dog owner, you know the pain that corrosive road salt brings to his pads.  Image what the salt does to the metal components beneath your car week after week. Your local car wash offers a high pressure undercarriage wash for a few extra dollars. Saying that makes me smile…I don’t know why.
  • Keep Maintenance Records – If you are paying for it, keep the receipts also. If you are doing it yourself; keep the product purchase receipts. It increases your chances of getting a good price at sale time; unless you don’t care about that kind of thing.
  • Take it easy on the Road – I know it’s fun to unleash the fury but it costs you. Anticipate the traffic flow so you can gently slow down or speed up as necessary. But ever once in awhile, you have to do what you have to do.
  • Just like Your Relationship; Pay Attention – Turn off the music and listen for odd noises. Don’t ignore “low tire pressure” or warning lights. Low tire pressure decreases your MPG…big time.