Rebuilding your life after an apartment fire without renters insurance is much harder than it may be otherwise.

Here are 7 resources you can lean on.

1. American Red Cross
httpss:// – Often times, Red Cross volunteers appear at the scene of an apartment fire with basics like blankets and bottled water. They’ve also been known to offer a night or two in a hotel for those who truly have no other options, but their local resources can be stretched thin, especially during the time of year when the weather gets colder across the country.

2. Goodwill And Other Thrift Stores
httpss:// – Thrift shops like Goodwill are an excellent place to start replacing things that you need immediately, like clothes.  Basic household appliances are often available, and most of what’s on the shelf is only lightly used and inexpensive. Even if you need a suit for work, you can most likely find something that will suffice for just a few dollars.

3. Local Fire Departments
Speak to someone at the responding fire department, they may have some options for you.  They deal with this sort of situation every day, and even if there are no formal agreements in place with other agencies, they probably know where to send you for starters.

4. Local Food Pantries
httpss:// – If you had a fridge full of food lost in the fire and need to feed yourself or your kids, food pantries are a great resource. Much of the food they have to offer will require some prep, but it’s a start.

5. Extended Stay Hotels
We can’t endorse any one chain, but in large cities like Columbus, there are often rooms in extended stay hotels, sometimes with a small kitchen, for around $150 or $200 a week.  While they’re not ideal, it’s an option while you look for a new apartment.

6. Salvation Army
httpss:// – They offer assistance of various types after a crisis like an apartment fire without renters insurance.

7. Houses of Worship
Your local church or other house of worship may have resources available for personal crises. This will vary between organizations, and may or may not be dependent on membership. Contact the organization for more details.

There are definitely resources out there to help with some of the needs you will experience after an apartment fire with no renters insurance.  But, none of them will replace all of your personal property like renters insurance will.  None of them will handle the liability if you were responsible for the fire.

Renters insurance is inexpensive. Contact Guy Williams today for a free quote and give yourself some peace of mind.