Life Insurance

One day you are graduating college, the next you’re getting married, then perhaps a baby comes along. No matter your age or life stage, should you die unexpectedly due to an accident or illness, your paycheck won’t be there for the people that depend on you. Plan for the “when”, not the “if”.

What is life insurance?

Essentially, life insurance means that your loved one (designated beneficiary) will receive a lump sum of money (death benefit) after your death. Depending on the type of life insurance you purchase, other events (such as a terminal illness) may also trigger payment. In exchange, you pay a monthly or annual premium until the end of the insurance term or contract (typically upon age XX or death).

Life Insurance is for the young and healthy also.

If you’re young and fit, congratulations! There’s no time like the present to acquire life insurance while premiums are still small. Buying a life insurance policy early on in life can often provide substantial savings over your lifetime. Life insurance provides peace of mind—for you and your family.

What are my choices?

Term Insurance: Protects you for a specified time (number of years) based on the length of your premium payments. Term is fairly inexpensive and is generally purchased only when a policyholder requires a payout in the event of death, and for no other reason.

Permanent Life Insurance: Becomes like ‘cash’ when the policy matures (pays out). Over time, Permanent insurance premiums often become less expensive. Even better, you can cash out (withdraw) your money, borrow against the policy’s cash value, or cancel and receive the present cash value.

  1. Whole life insurance provides a guaranteed cash death benefit and regular (fixed) annual premiums. Should you ever choose to increase the death benefit, you can also increase payout by paying more against your regular premium. Whole life premiums are typically higher than term insurance initially, but they are about equal if you continue to pay against the policy until the average life expectancy.
  2. Universal life insurance provides permanent coverage with more flexibility than whole life. When it comes to paying your premium and receiving a death benefit, there is a potential to grow the cash value.

How much does life insurance cost?

So let’s try to break down what goes into a life insurance rate. Here are a few: age, health, family history, geographical location, type of insurance, length of term, and a few others. This is where we step in.

​For our clients in the greater Columbus Ohio area, we compare offerings and price of 27 of the highest rated life insurance companies. We know their intricacies of how they operate and what they are looking for. This cuts down on the time it takes you to find the best rate. Based on your specific information we already know which insurance companies will write you a policy and we know which one will do it for the cheapest.

Why choose us?

We are not a big box insurance conglomerate that treats people like a number. Nor do we try to sell you what makes the most profit. We are located just 3 minutes from the Arena in Columbus Ohio. We are independent and we represent 27 financially sound carriers. No hassle, the right insurance for the cheapest price, with choices.

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