Keeping your family safe doesn’t happen by accident. It requires an awareness of potential risks and a focus on prevention. In observance of National Safety Month, here are a handful of tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe in a variety of settings.

Safety on the Road
The Huffington Post published an article on the top 15 causes of car accidents. Some, like distracted or drunk driving, are preventable, while others such as inclement weather or unexpected animal crossings may be out your control. To avoid an accident in any situation, slow down, stay focused on the road, eliminate distractions (eating, texting, loud music), and abide by all laws and signage. As a driver, make sure that your passengers wear their seatbelts – always.

Staying Safe at Home
Though our houses serve as personal safe havens, they also come with their own potential hazards, particularly for younger and older individuals. Baby-proof all cabinets, install baby-gates at the top of stairs, store brightly colored laundry packets well out of reach, use plastic “dummy” covers in unused electrical outlets, installing bathtub safety rails and non-skid strips, and secure your flat screen televisions to the wall with anchors. Here is a quick read article to learn the Heimlich maneuver. Learn it. It saves lives.

Avoiding Injury at Work 
From overexertion to slips and falls, work hazards threaten everyone regardless of industry or position. To keep yourself as safe as possible while you’re on the clock, take short breaks throughout your workday to help you stay alert and be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you spend large chunks of your day at a desk, watch this helpful slideshow from the Mayo clinic to learn stretching moves that will help you avoid muscle damage from being sedentary.

Life is risky. Use this list of safety precautions to help you make smart decisions that prioritize your family’s well-being.